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Search box site browser

Post - February 4, 2014

We can spot a "search box" in almost all websites that would link directly to content in your website, making access to information quicker for the browser.

Mobile Applications

Post - February 4, 2014

Beautiful design across desktops, smartphones, and tablets; responsive design is the future of modern website design. I can help you determine your mobile development needs, whether that be a responsive website, a stand-alone mobile website, or develop an app for either iPhone/iPad/Android devices. I’ve designed and developed each app or mobile-friendly website.

Deaf Web Connections can save you money

Post - November 21, 2014

Deaf Web Connections and Connecticut Deaf Clubs are the new websites, shared by several small organizations, each with two pages on the same domain. Additional pages can be added, as well as a gallery, or other features. Sharing space on this site is much more cost effective than having your own domain.

Make a Member Login For Your Newsletter Subscription

Post - June 13, 2013

Newsletter subscription is a marketing newsletter service that only group members can register to access with login.