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How to Choose the Perfect Logo
July 21, 2017|Logo Design

How to Choose the Perfect Logo

How to Choose the Perfect Logo

The perfect logo is your business, and your business is the perfect logo. The logo for your business says everything about it. There are even people who buy hosting just to create free logo makers out there. Everything on your logo should reflect, if not all the qualities of your business, the main values and traits it stands for. If you have been attentive enough, you must by now have realized that the most successful companies have the most elegant, and simple logos. No one can ever mistake an Apple product, or Microsoft, or the Nike swoosh. Make sure you’re not always looking for the cheapest offerings or trying to take advantage of a $1/month hosting sale or anything like that.

1. Significance

An impeccable logo has a purpose and meaning. The only purpose your logo has is to tell your market what your business has to offer. It captures the spirit of your enterprise in either just a word, phrase, symbol, illustration or a beautiful composition of all these elements. To capture purpose in your logo, you must first deeply know your industry, and then determine how your business is going to fit within that industry. What do you stand for? What are you going to offer differently? What makes you stand out? What are you all about? What is your purpose in that industry?

2. Flexibility

Immaculate logos are those that can be used everywhere; particularly in everything that your business offers and uses. By everything, I mean everything; papers, pens, hose, spoons, straws, horses, boxes, rubber bands, whatever. It has to be a logo that can be adapted to different situations to promote your business and have people invariably thinking about it. Go for something that can be zoomed a million times and projected on the moon if need be, and also one that can be shrunk to the size of a bacteria to let them know your business exists. You get the point!

3. Simplicity is Beauty

Apple’s logo is a silhouette of a bitten apple. Microsoft’s logo is four squares with four colors. Coca Cola’s logo is a fancy written font. And that seems to be the trend for most billion-dollar enterprises. Go for something that is simple and captures the purpose of your business. Another thing about simplicity is that it makes applying the previous point easier. The simpler your logo, the more flexible and adaptive it will be for dissimilar situations.

4. Color

Think about the former point while you go through this one because when choosing a color, you have to be frugal. Unless you intentionally want a rainbow and all its characteristics for a logo, please choose as few colors as possible. That is just the first point on color. The second thing is selecting colors that reflect your business. Consider colors that echo the personality of your business if it was a person.  There is a whole psychology in choosing colors, have a look.

5. Quality and Eternity

Unless you are a designer, please do not embarrass your business with your stick figures. Hire a professional designer to work on your logo. It is okay to share your ideas with them and brainstorm together to come up with the best logo possible for your business. This point is especially important if you are a start-up business. The degree of professionalism that radiates from your logo will determine how prospects will think about your business.

It all adds up to providing quality services and products. That is the reason you are reading this article in the first place; you want to start with the impression that you are all about excellence. Consider the above 5 points and your logo will be among the search results 10 years down the line when someone else in your situation Googles, “Billion dollar companies’ logo”.

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