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Sells Recipes is the basis of our family's cooking tradition. We've been collecting tasty recipes for friends and family alike, and adding our own "secret" recipes. What better way to share our family recipes than on the website for all to see! Do you have any favorite recipes you would like to add to the website? If you send them to us, we will post them to the site during our next update. Feel free to make suggestions and ask questions.

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Ice Cream

pumpkin pie
taste so good

As pumpkin really has little flavor of it own, the combination of cream and spices result in a familiar flavor of home and happiness for most who enjoy pumpkin pie.

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Seasonal Recipes

Egg Nog Coffee

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Hot Chocolate

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"How to Shine Windows"

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Helen Requa Sells

She was discovered to writing down some new recipes before her favorite of the baking, dessert, main dish, appetizer, beverage, etc. were very good food. She had a special recipe for flavor of the ice creams. Her sons/daughters were pleasure to learning for cooking from her recipes after they were a good influence on the children.

Made all copies of the old recipes each cookbook few years ago by P. Stevens. I built a new recipe web-site here by M. Heron. Better idea for reading and any changing here in your saving forever.